Marvelous Picture Books

            Jamie Lee Curtis is one of few celebrities to have seamlessly entered the children’s book writing profession. Since 1993, She has published nine books along with illustrator Laura Cornell and feels that writing is her favorite creative outlet.
When I Was Little: A Four-Year-Old’s Memoir of Her Youth is the first book written by Curtis. The book follows a four year old through her memories of what she couldn’t do as a baby and then describes what she can do now. By going through this list of things she can do, the little girl discovers who she is and how great it is to be a big girl.
Jamie Lee Curtis was inspired by her then four-year-old daughter’s witty comments about her “past” when she wrote this book. Just as Curtis’ daughter was proud of her growing accomplishments, I believe that most little girls could relate to some aspect of this story. It’s a tribute to being a girl and loving the responsibilities that come along with growing up. The beautiful watercolor illustrations are whimsical and funny which makes reading this book even more enjoyable! I would recommend this book for a preschool or kindergarten classroom or simply as a book to enjoy with your daughter!
*For more information about Jamie Lee Curtis as well as teaching guides and games to go along with When I Was Little, please visit

Happy Reading!

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