Marvelous Picture Book: If You’re a Monster and You Know It


Rebecca and Ed Emberley, authors of If You’re a Monster and You Know It, are a father and daughter team that have worked on a variety of children’s books including Chicken Little and There Was an Old Monster!

This children’s story is based on the popular song “If Your Happy and You Know It,” however it offers a new take on the song, going through different noises a monster might make. The book provides a silly song, found on the scholastic website, accompanied with pictures, allowing students to snort, stomp and growl. The song is performed by Adrian Emberley, daughter of Rebecca and granddaughter of Ed, creating a unique three generational collaboration.

As show on the cover, the illustrations are bold, bright and creative, using a collage technique against a dark background. Each monster is complex and unique, providing a fun and stimulating way for children to look at the scary idea of monsters.

This story is recommended for ages 3-5, and is a great group read aloud because if its interactive quality.

Happy Reading!

Annalise and Kath

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