The Night Fairy an exciting junior novel written by Newbery Medal Winner, Laura Amy Schlitz is an exciting novel that takes you into the world of a tiny, spunky night fairy named Flory. This bewitching tale begins when Flory, not yet used to her wings, gets them crunched off by a bat! Flory is forced to brave the big, scary, world alone without her wings or another night fairy like her. This book puts the reader directly into the story with Flory while she overcomes the many difficulties in her miniature life!

I definitely enjoyed reading this novel, and know I would have loved it even more if I was a little younger. I believe that it is a story that mostly girls would enjoy over boys because the main character is a female fairy, but there is definitely enough adventure to suit a boy just fine! To test this theory, I asked my nine year old sister, Jessica, who is currently in fourth grade to read this book and
tell me how she felt about it.
Here’s her response:
The Night Fairy was a very interesting book. In my opinion I thought it had a weak beginning storyline. However, it managed to become an amazing, detailed and sparkled junior novel. I thought Flory was an intriguing character because of her ability to become stronger. She was brave, honest, powerful, and understanding. With those four features she had to face challenges that other Night Fairies don’t ordinarily have to because of her broken wings. My favorite part of the book was the solution of saving the bluebird & her babies. I also enjoyed when the bat came along, she was very kind and gave Flory the characteristic of forgiveness. As I said before I loved this book and would be proud to say it was AMAZING!!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this book. As my final statement I will say THIS BOOK WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

….I think she enjoyed it! This is a great read aloud for any age and an enjoyable junior novel for readers age 7-11!



a special thanks to my brilliant little sister, Jessica D’Agostino

to learn more, click here!


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  1. I think it is fantastic that you gave your sister a chance to review the book! We try (sometimes successfully, but not always) to anticipate how children will respond to books, but asking the kids themselves is so important! Thanks for sharing!-Ellen Elise

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