Marvelous Picture Book: Don’t Make Me Laugh


Don’t Make Me Laugh, written and illustrated by James Stevenson, is a light-hearted book filled with humor. Mr. Frimdimpny, a bossy crocodile who never smiles, speaks directly to the reader and lays down several rules to keep in mind while reading the book. “Are you LISTENING?,” he asks. No laughing or smiling are allowed during the reading of the book, and if those rules are broken, Mr. Frimdimpny requires the reader to go back to the beginning. As Mr. Frimdimpny introduces the reader to Pierre the waiter, Fendently the elephant with a cold, and a hippo who works in a china shop, he continues to speak to the reader as indicated by bold text. Three very silly stories are told that will surely have children and adults laughing (and breaking the crocodile’s number one rule!) This innovative, interactive style of writing will engage children in the text and get them excited about reading.

The ink and water color illustrations are cartoon-esque and pop on the stark white pages. Shocking colors, like the bright green shade of Mr. Frimdimpny, make the book look appealing and exciting.
Children will love reading this book and feeling like a part of the story. Each character speaks to the readers directly and ask them not to do something. This comical picture book is unique and fun to read.
Happy Reading!

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