Marvelous Picture Books: "The Quiet Book"


The Quiet Book written by Deborah Underwood and illustrated by Renata Liwska, is a wonderful new picture book published this year for children ages 3-6. This book illustrates the many different types of quiet that children experience. Liwska illustrates these experiences through the use of animals including bears, rabbits, porcupines, mice, owls, moose and wombats in different situations where they are quiet. These types of quiet include “making a wish quiet,” and “best friends don’t need to talk quiet,” presenting situations that children experience in their own lives.

Liwska has drawn the animals as though they are a child’s favorite stuffed animal, so soft and gentle that you want to take them right out of the book. She uses color pencil and then digitally enhances the images to give them this soft quality.

This book is very appropriate for young children, addressing some of the difficult issues of being quiet, and showing the many times when it is okay to be quiet. The illustrations are beautifully done and extend the text by adding visual information about the different types of quiet in a way that is very calm and gentle with soft colors.

Deborah Underwood includes very little text, just one line per page as seen in the image on the left. These single lines accompanying the illustrations provide readers with repetition of the different kinds of quiet, all having similar sentence structures and simple illustrations. This repetition along with the gentle treatment of the animals is a very appealing quality for young children. Additionally, the book is very small, adding to the quiet and calm nature of the story. This is a great book for children to curl up to and hold close to them in their laps as they learn about the many different types of quiet they can experience in the world.

This is a wonderful book for read alouds, especially when trying to set a calm mood, as bedtime story, or an individual read for students who need some quiet time.

Happy Quiet Reading!

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