The Odd Egg


This book is, without question, one of the most precious children’s books that I have seen published as of late. From the playful characters to the soft, enchanting illustrations, the essence of childhood has finally been captured on paper. Author and illustrator Emily Gravett, has such a distinct style to both her witty writing and unique illustrations that before even flipping back the cover, I knew I was in for a treat.

Readers are welcomed into the characters’ community as we meet each of the members. Although all birds, they range from being a chicken, to being an owl, to being a flamingo, and more. We learn that each of these birds has laid an egg which they are eagerly awaiting to hatch. Duck, on the other hand, has no egg to speak of. What to do, what to do! By beautifully manipulating the size and space on the page, Gravett introduces perhaps the most important character of the book: Duck’s egg. Duck has found an enormous, green spotted egg to raise.

We watch the eggs of all the other birds hatch on an interactive page that allows the child to flip over a series of flaps, revealing the different baby birds as they meet their mother one at a time. Still, there is no movement to speak of from Duck’s egg.

Will the other birds be right after all?

Or will it hatch?

And what will it be?

One picture says it all, and has children in hysterical fits of laughter as the story comes to a close.

The Odd Egg will prove to be the perfect book to bring children between the ages of 2-5 crawling up into your lap time and time again, ready to turn the pages with you, giggling with glee over their knowledge of what the following pages hold.

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