A Truly Marvelous Picture Book: The Firebird by Demi


While browsing the library here on campus the golden spine of this book beckoned me to take it off the shelf. Once I flipped it open, I discovered end pages decorated with mystical creatures and gilded swirls. The Firebird is one of those picture books that just captures the imagination and transports you to

Once Upon A Time. The majority of the images are gilded. However they are made increasingly interesting by a matt, mostly likly painted, details layered on top. The contrast between these two textures creates a sophistication that any art or children’s literature enthusiast would love to look at.

The beautiful images of this book surround an equally magically story. The classic Russian fairytale of the young archer, Dimitri, and his brave steed , The Horse of Power, who complete seemingly insurmountable tasks assigned to them by Tsar Ivan. One of the task is the capturing a Firebird. The plot thickens as Dimitri must capture a princess for the Tsar to marry.

The illustrations of this book are so elegant. I really could rip the pages out and frame them! Don’t worry I won’t! I took some pictures of the book with my personal camera, can you see how the sunlight really highlights the golden pages? ps: This book has been loved so please mind the finger prints!


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