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Exciting New Book: How Rocket Learned to Read


This wonderful new picture book allows children to follow a puppy named Rocket as he learns to read with his friend, the little yellow bird. As children begin to discover all that 26 unassuming shapes can reveal, they are able to connect to Rocket as he is enthralled by a story read aloud and experiments with all the words he can spell out with the letters little yellow bird teaches to him.
The story starts in spring time, with the little yellow bird appearing in Rocket’s usual nap spot. When the little yellow bird tries to induct Rocket as a student in her makeshift classroom, Rocket decidedly moves his nap spot away out of her realm. However, as Rocket tries to nap, he is captivated by the story the little yellow bird is reading aloud. The little yellow bird leaves for the day before finishing the story, yet Rocket’s interest is too piqued to not know what happens next. Rocket comes back to the little yellow bird’s class the next day to hear the end of the story and continues to show up every day for the rest of spring. The little yellow bird teaches Rocket a new letter each day, and Rocket falls in love with the alphabet. When the little yellow bird flies away for the cold season, Rocket continues to use his letters, spelling everything imaginable.
The illustrations in this book are vibrant and perfectly suited for the whimsical and exciting nature of this story. The painterly style and integration of the text with the illustrations allow for the story to be told through the pictures as well as the text. This style works well for beginning readers, as the combination allows them to engage with the story fully, supporting their reading comprehension with visual depictions as well. I would absolutely recommend this read to children exploring the world of language for the first time, those who are already enjoying all reading has to offer, and all in between!
Happy Reading!