Exciting New Book: Passing the Music Down


Written by Sarah Sullivan and Illustrated by Barry Root, Passing the Music Down is a truly heartwarming story about music transcending generations to connect an old fiddler and his young protégé. Told with the cadence of the reliable seasons, this story begins with a young boy traveling far with his family to listen to a famous fiddler play. After listening in awe, the young boy plays for the old fiddler, and their friendship, grounding in sharing the art of fiddle, is born. As the two unlikely companions grow to be best friends, passing the music down remains a refrain. United by a common love of fiddle and a genuine friendship, the two never lose sight of the importance of preserving their beloved art and continuing to bless the world with their gift of music. The story follows the two through to the passing away of the old fiddler to the hum of his young friend, yet continues to follow the young boy to the next generation of players. Devoted to the survival of the music, which remains more important throughout the story, the fiddlers continue to serve the art with their lives. The book beautifully supports this touching and deep story, richly illustrated in jewel tones that confer the warmth found in friendship. The text is of a unique font reminiscent of the simplicity of farm life, and is punctuated with a flowing font for the refrain of “passing the music down” that emphasizes the continuity offered by the handing down of their song. This book is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages, from those learning their art to those passing theirs down.


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