New Books: Clever Jack Takes the Cake


What would you do if you were invited to the princess’s birthday party, but you had nothing to give her? Maybe I wouldn’t go. But not clever Jack!

“He traded his ax for two bags of sugar
and his quilt for a sack of flour.

He gave the hen an extra handful of seed in exchange for two fresh eggs

and he kissed the cow on the nose for a pail of her sweetest milk.

He gathered walnuts

he dipped candles.

in the strawberry patch, he searched…
and searched…
and searched…

UNTIL he found the
most SUCCULENT strawberry in the land.”

But will Jack’s beautiful cake make it to the princess’s birthday party? Or does he have a gift to give her that he doesn’t know he has? There just might be blackbirds, TROLLS, dark forests, and dancing bears along the way.

Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas have combined their gifts of storytelling and illustrating to create this modern fairy tale. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this story of friendship and its delightful characters. While boys enjoy reading about trolls, gypsies, and bears, girls will love a story about a princess. A perfect choice for storytime!
Clever Jack has received several honors and awards. These are:
Booklist Editor’s Choice 2010
Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2010
Parent’s Choice Recommended Book
School Library Journal Best Books of 2010

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  1. Ruthie, you did such a good job on this post! I can tell that you put in a lot of consideration and care into this review! It actually makes me want to go check this book out and read it! Wonderful job!

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