Marvelous Picture Books: All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon


This week’s marvelous picture book is entitled All the World, written by Liz Garton Scanlon and illustrated by Caldecott Honor medalist, Marla Frazee. This story depicts the daily lives of individuals from the same community. From morning to night, the beach to the garden, and sun to rain, this book highlights the importance and value of everything the world has to offer. The pages alternate from descriptive words about particular situations to a more general theme about the world…

“Rock, stone pebble, sand

Body, shoulder; arm, hand

A moat to dig, a shell to keep

All the world is wide and deep


The book follows an AA BB rhyme scheme, and when read aloud sounds much like a poem. The descriptive words are known and relatable to all children and connect to the deeper theme about the world.

“All the world is old and new”

“All the world goes round this way”

“All the world can hold quite still”

“All the world is you and me”

The illustrations paired with the descriptive words allow for an easy understanding for children while still conveying the larger conceptual message.

On this page the image depicts an old man and young children. The children are climbing on a large, fully grown tree, while the old man is sitting with a new tree that has yet to be planted. This contrasts the ideas of old and new in a simple way for children. All of the other pages follow this depiction in a similar manner.

The illustrations are very literal, perfectly matching the text; any word that appears on a page is represented with an image. Colors are slightly subdued and fade into the edges of the page. The layout of the illustrations vary, some pages are a full page spread, while others have multiple and separate illustrations on the same page, all relating to each other.

Not only is this book an enjoyable read, but it also provides several educational aspects. This book has a wide range of vocabulary, spanning from body parts, to fruit and vegetables, to action words, all which serve as means to define and reinforce words that all children should have in their vocabulary. An overarching theme to this book is that all plans do not go perfectly and that it is important to understand that it is simply a part of life. This is a valuable lesson for all children to learn. Finally, this book demonstrates how all people live, work, and interact together, coming together to create the whole world.

“Everything you hear, smell, see

All the world is everything

Everything is you and me

Hope and peace and love and trust

All the world is all of us”

~Alex Rogers and Olivia Steinberg

Click here to watch a movie trailer for this book.


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