Pete’s A Pizza by William Steig


In this fun story by William Steig, Pete is disappointed that the rain has washed out his activities for the day. To help cheer Pete up, his family decides to play a game where they make Pete into a pizza. Pete’s dad uses

“Some oil generously applied. (It’s really water.)”

and “Then some tomatoes (They’re really checkers).” to make a perfect pizza out of Pete.

This story allows children to use their imagination and have an interactive experience with both the book and the person reading it to them. Children will love to play a similar game on a rainy day or make up their own food to be made into. This book is guaranteed to make any child giggle just like Pete. The interactive nature of the story is also highly enjoyable for children with disabilities. Because they can get involved in the story, they are more likely to comprehend it.

The illustrations are very fun. They are detailed but not overly done, so younger children will enjoy their whimsical nature. There is lots of white space surrounding the drawings to focus the eye on the image. The text itself is presented in a way that resembles a recipe. It is clearly printed and easy to locate on the pages keeping the book organized and in the style of a cookbook.

This wonderful,whimsical story and the fun title will certainly have readers coming back for seconds (and maybe thirds or forths!)

To purchase this book click here.

Happy Friday and Happy Reading!



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