Marvelous Picture Books: Old Cricket by Lisa Wheeler

 “Old Cricket woke up feeling cranky.
And crotchety.
And cantankerous.

What can a day like this have in store for him? Not fixing the roof! To escape his task, Old Cricket comes up with a plan. “I woke with a creak in my knee, dear wife.” he says. So, his wife sends him along to see Doc Hopper.

Once he is free, he runs into his cousin , Katydid, who is busy picking berries for the winter. Will Old Cricket help Katydid? Not with a creak in his knee and a crick in his neck! And Old Cricket continues on his way.

He soon comes across his neighbors, the ants, who are harvesting corn kernels. Will Old Cricket help his neighbors? Not with a creak in his knee, a crick in his neck, and a crack in his back! And so Old Cricket walks on to find a comfortable spot for a nap. But who should he run into next but Old Crow? Will Old Cricket make it home without becoming lunch? He just might. After all,

“You don’t get to be an old cricket by being a dumb bug.”

With its charming story and large, eye-catching illustrations by Ponder Goembel, this picture book is truly a delight for young readers.



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