Help Me, Mr. Mutt!


Have you ever wondered what dogs would say if they could talk? How about if they could write!? Help Me, Mr. Mutt! is a book that translates barks and howls into letters, written by dogs, to Mr. Mutt, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience which comes across in his responses.

The book begins with a letter to Mr. Mutt from “Famished in Florida,” another dog who is worried about his weight. He asks, “Do I look fat?” and goes on to explain how he believes his owners are starving him! They only give him dry dog food, but give the fat cat fancy food! Mr. Mutt is very sympathetic in his response, as he explains the dog food pyramid.

Mr. Mutt offers all kinds of helpful tips and advice for dogs who are having trouble being….dogs. He explains to “Famished” that he can find food all kinds of places. These include in the garbage and under the baby’s highchair! As a final piece of advice, he reminds “Famished” to finish off his meal with a cool drink of water…from the toilet. Mr. Mutt finishes the letter with a post script, explaining that cats are spoiled rotten and it’s never fair.

The book is full of letters from dogs of all kinds with a wide range of problems, who desperately need Mr. Mutts advice. One dog’s owners don’t want to play with him, while another dog is constantly getting dressed up!

As would be expected in a book about dogs, “The Queen,” a cat, writes letters that appear throughout in an attempt to set Mr. Mutt straight about how the world of household pets should be. She may even have her way…you’ll have to read the book to find out!

Help Me, Mr. Mutt! is written and illustrated by sisters, Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel. A fun read for children of all ages, the illustrations draw in younger readers with their whimsical humor while the letters to Mr. Mutt entice older children and adults.

-Happy Reading!

Lynsie & Kaitlin


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