Gracie Graves and the Kids from Room 402


By Betty and Michael Paraskevas

“Anna May Johnson sat in the back.

                                                  She didn’t need a reason to give a kid a whack.

                   She never did her homework. She never raised her hand.

                    Anna May Johnson played the tuba in the band.”


Did you attend KindergartenHave you ever had a teacher who puts up with mischief and trouble on a daily basis? I think we all have!!!

The Paraskevas mother-and-son team provides us with witty rhyming couplets and humorous illustrations about each of the children in Gracie’s classroom. Children are sure to relate to and fall in love with the students in the classroom: the naughty ones, the nerdy ones, the pretty ones, and the athletic ones. 

The children’s book was so popular that it became a television show around 10 years ago and still airs today… in multiple countries and languages! You can have a look at the show’s catchy theme song below:

Check out this write-up from Amazon!

Gracie Graves remembers the name of every kid she’s taught in thirty years. And she’s certainly not likely to forget the fourteen boys and fourteen girls who inhabit her classroom now. How could she, with kids like Joey Tuna, who ate sixteen Twinkies at the Halloween party, with disastrous results? Or Tillie Ferillo, who stuffed a pussy willow up her nose? Or Freddie Fay, who emptied the school with a noxious brew he mixed up for show-and-tell?

Michael Paraskevas’s lively portraits are the perfect complement to Betty Paraskevas’s delightfully silly poems in this hilarious slice of school life from the celebrated mother-and-son team that created Junior Kroll and The Ferocious Beast.”

Still not convinced?! Listen to what my 7 year-old sister has to say about Gracie Graves and the Kids from Room 402:

“This book is my favorite because it makes me laugh a lot. I like how all of the poems about the kids rhyme and the book also has very funny drawings.”

The book is sure to entertain young children and their parents alike, and children will almost definitely choose a favorite character and memorize many of the poems!

Happy Reading!


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