I Am Small by Emma Dodd


I Am Small, by Emma Dodd,

is an adorable children’s book about a little penguin and a mother’s love.

In the story, a little penguin travels from place to place, in awe of how big the world is. He comes across deep oceans, high skies, steep mountains, and far away star-filled skies that are enormous in comparison to him. 


With all the “big and long and deep, and strong and high and far and steep” things in the world the little penguin feels so small.


However, the story ends on a happy note, because the little penguin knows that

no matter how big the world is, he will always be the biggest thing in the world to his mother.

This is a perfect book for beginning readers! The simple vocabulary and the repetition make I Am Small  an enjoyable, yet challenging read.


In addition to the story, the brilliant illustrations make I Am Small a must read. The  illustrations really make the sparkling mountains and shining sun look magical and wonderous, as if you are seeing the world for the first time, through the little penguin’s eyes.

-Happy Reading!



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