Chick & Chickie Play All Day! a Toon Book by Claude Ponti


This is a FUN book for brand-new readers to enjoy and practice rEaDiNg with! 

First Chick and Chickie make MASKS and scare each other!

THEN Chick and Chickie play school with the letter A!
This picture is an example of Chick and Chickie being NICE to the letter A. (They’re GIVING it a cake!) BUT they also tIcKlEd the letter A AND THREW the letter A so it flew away!!
After Chick and Chickie are NICE to the letter A, they decide to sCaRe it!
Poor A you think, BUT it’s the letter B’s turn tomorrow…
Chick and Chickie Play All Day! is the perfect new book for new readers. The illustrations are beautiful and hilarious! 
ALSO, the author, Claude Ponti is from France and is a beloved author of children’s books.
I definitely recommend this Toon Book for a good laugh and a great read with a friend who is still learning and practicing how to read!

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