The Gospel Cinderella


The Gospel Cinderella
Written by: Joyce Carol Thomas
Illustrated by: David Diaz
ISBN: 0-06-025387

The Gospel Cinderella is a wonderful twist on the classic fairy tale we all know and love. While this book demonstrates many similarities to the original version of Cinderella, this story also includes some interesting differences!

This Cinderella story begins with Queen Mother Rhythm, the leader of the Great Gospel Choir. Her daughter is taken away down the river by a hurricane and then found by the evil Crooked Foster Mother. Crooked Foster Mother takes the child in and names her Cinderella, forcing her to do chores and take care of her evil stepsisters. Cinderella never complains though, rather she uses her beautiful voice to sing her troubles away.

Soon, the people learn that Queen Mother Rhythm has decided to hold auditions for a new singer to take over for her as director of the Great Gospel Choir. Cinderella longs to try out, but is instead forced to make dresses for her evil stepsisters to try out. On a whim, Cinderella decides to attend the auditions and WOWS everyone, including the Prince of Music. Fear of being recognized by her evil stepsisters quickly overtakes Cinderella, and she runs away. The Prince of Music sends out a search party to find the mystery singer, and Cinderella is eventually re-united with Queen Mother Rhythm and the Prince of Rhythm.

Children will enjoy this story because it is familiar to a story they most likely already know, but still provides a unique twist to the Disney version most children know. This book also has wonderful pictures that are full of color and details, providing an added visual affect to the already wonderful story. The story also has text that is written in a non-traditional way, specifically when the characters are singing. The text moves around in swirls and curves in different directions, which makes for an interesting reading experience!

Children of all ages will enjoy this updated, cultural variation on a classic fairy tale!

Happy Reading! 🙂



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