The Unruly Queen


In her newest book,The Unruly Queenauthor and illustrator Emily S. Redmond invites you into the world of Minerva von Vyle, “a thoroughly spoiled and impossible child!”

Minerva is a pushy, demanding, and out of control! She throws tantrums, won’t go to sleep when asked, and demands candy…for dinner!

In fact, she has already sent 52 nannies running and screaming from her house!

However, when the 53rd nanny comes… she crowns Miverva the Unruly Queen!

“A queen?” shrieked Minerva. “How perfect for me! I’m practically royal, as I’m sure you can see! I already have real diamonds and a private chauffeur, and I don’t have an issue with wearing real fur!”

Nanny  is quick to explain to Minerva, however, just what kind of place she will rule over…

 “But what sort of a queen lives with beasts in a cave?!”

The sort,” Nanny answered, “who never behaves.”

 What choice does Minerva have but to behave?!

Emily S. Redmond’s rhymes and detailed artwork, beautifully created with pen, ink, and water color, portray Minerva’s terrorizing personality and Nanny’s calm demeanor in a way that would entice any child and make them think twice before acting out ever again!

This book would be great to read out loud to children, as the rhymes really add to the book. The pictures also enhance the words, as the vibrant colors and ominous shadows draw you into the wonderful story!

To learn more about the author and illustrator (including information on her other fantastic creations) click here.

Happy Reading!


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  1. I like the creativity of the 53rd Nanny. Sometimes you really have to get creative when working with children and telling Minerva that she would be queen of a cave of beasts was a great idea for getting her to behave. I think this could be a good and fun book to read to a group or class of children who are struggling to behave properly.

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