I Am Different! Can You Find Me?


I am Different! Can You Find Me?
by Manjula Padmanabman
ISBN: 978-1-57091-640-3

This wonderful new book by Manjula Padmahabman celebrates the differences that make us all special and unique! Each page focuses on a different language that is spoken somewhere around the world. These languages include well known ones, such as English, French, or Spanish, to ones that even I hadn’t heard of!

Each page of the book focuses on a different language. It gives a short background on where the language is spoken, how many people speak it, and what it is often used for, such as books or music. For some of the languages, it also offers words we commonly use in English that are derived from that language. For languages where there aren’t words kids would know, it teaches you how to say something in that language, such as counting from 1 to 5 or listing the colors of the rainbow.

Another great part of this book are the illustrations. Each page has a theme, and repeated images that all appear to be the same on first glance. For example, one page has a bunch of cats, another has colorful eggs, and another one has pictures of kites. While all of the images in the illustrations look the same, there is actuallyone on each page that is just a little bit different. Children will have a great time trying to find the one thing that is different on each page, while also learning a bit more about different languages from around the world!

Children and adults will enjoy this book for its educational value, as well as for its unique, colorful illustrations. Also, as an added bonus, when you purchase this book part of the proceeds will be donated to The Global Fund for Children! Not only does this book serve as a learning tool for children, it also helps children around the world! This new book is a must have for any classroom teacher or parent’s bookshelf.

Happy Reading! šŸ˜€



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