Elmer and the Kangaroo


This fabulous installment to the Elmer series brought back sweet memories of reading the original book as a child. Written by David McKee, the Elmer series centers around a brightly-colored patchwork elephant who must learn that being different is not bad and that there is power in laughter.

In this story, Elmer and friends come across a kangaroo who cannot jump very well. Every time he jumps, he falls over!

What’s worse, there is a jumping contest the next day. What will Kangaroo do? He says he can bounce, but thinks jumping is much too hard. Elmer tries to come up with a solution.

At the competition, with Elmer’s help, Kangaroo tries to think about bouncing, not jumping. Competition is tough; does he win?

Read this whimsical book to find out! The colorful illustrations will delight young readers and the sweet story may teach them a lesson about accepting others and learning to be confident.

You can purchase this book here: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elmer-and-the-kangaroo-david-mckee/1003840053?ean=9780688179519&itm=1&usri=elmer+and+the+kangaroo

Happy Reading!


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