Only a Witch Can Fly


Only a Witch Can Fly by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Taeeun Yoo is a sweet book for children with some rhyming and repetition.  It tells the tale of a little girl who wants to fly, even though only witches can fly.

The text is written in such a way that it almost suggests a sing-song or poem style reading.  In fact, the format is an old French poetry style called sestina.

“The dark night around you fills with Fly, fly
and bright yellow moonlight shines down.
Cat, by your side, purrs a gentle Bye, bye
and Owl stares up at a star, so far.”

The muted color palette and unique linoleum-block illustrations add a vintage look to this story.  The heavy use of black gives it an appropriately spooky feel.

The main character tries over and over again to fly, getting up on her broom but never quite getting off the ground!


This simple story about persistence and following your dreams is touching and beautiful, and can definitely be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

Happy Reading!

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