Great Book for a Rainy Day!


What do you love most about rainy days? The sound of the rain hitting the window? Puddles? Or maybe even colorful umbrellas? 🙂

When you pick up Yellow Umbrella, written by Jae Soo Liu, you get all three of those!  The children walking through the puddles in the illustrations, the colorful umbrellas that gradually fill the pages, and even the sound of the rain and piano completing the reading experience!


This wordless picture book may seem to offer a few colorful illustrations, but here are a few reasons you can not go wrong reading this book . . .

The Yellow Umbrella book allows children’s imagination to soar!  With out words readers’ can invent their own story each time they read the book.

From an educational standpoint it is a great book when learning to count.  With each turn of the page more umbrellas are added to the illustrations and children can count one consistent object.  This book could even be used for an art lesson too!

The MUSIC, created by Doong II Sheen, adds a component to the picture book that most others do not have, making it a one-of-a-kind read!  There are multiple songs and options, lasting over 6 minutes long for example, giving one the perfect excuse to slow down, relax, and on a rainy day, snuggle under some warm covers!

And, most of all the author conveys a powerful and important message to remember.  Jae Soo Liu said it best when she stated, “I realized that under their umbrellas, all those physical differences disappeared.    What remained in my mind was the visual image of the harmonized colors and movements of the umbrellas.  It seemed to me that these children were claiming that they were all equal in spit of their physical differences.”

This is just the book to start a rainy day tradition – Happy Reading!

Megan 🙂


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