Close Your Eyes


ImageClose Your Eyes is an incredible bedtime story written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben.  This is one of those stories that a parent would read to a child as he/she is tucked into bed and getting ready to go to sleep

The mother continuously says “Close your eyes, little tiger, and go to sleep.” The little tiger does not want to go to sleep for he is afraid and wants to continue to view the world, but his mother assures him that only his dreams await him and that she will be there when he awakes. 


One aspect of this story that really helps it stand out is the illustrations by Georg Hallensleben.  Although it is not specified in the text, it seems as if the illustrations were done using water colors.  While the illustrations are not necessarily life-like, they have their own individual feel which brings the story to life.  The emotions shown on the faces of the tigers, especially, make these illustrations original and unique.


This is a beautiful story and the way the mother calms down the baby tiger is truly touching.  I believe that this story must be reassuring to hear as a child who may be afraid of the dark or who may not want to go to sleep.  I would recommend it to any parent looking for a great bed time story. I hope you enjoy this story both now, and when you get the opportunity to read it to your children as they are dozing off,

Happy Reading,

Dan Prager


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  1. I really appreciate story books that have beautiful art as well as a good story. The quality of the water colors I think enhance the quality of the book. The story also sounds very touching since many children (including myself) have a fear of sleeping and of the dark.

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