If I Never Forever Endeavor


If I Never Forever Endeavor is a fabulous poetry book written by Holly Meade. 

It tells the story of a little bird who is scared to try out his new wings. With a little encouragement and some practice, he learns to fly and experiences life!


If in all of forever

I never endeavor

to fly, I won’t know if I can.

If I did endeavor, and found my wings clever,

I could see the world!

My nest is so nice

the nicest of nests.

Who needs to fly- ever?

I think I’ll forget

all about this “endeavor.”


I won’t know how it feels to

scallop the air

with a dip

and a glide.


This book has beautiful, patterned illustrations. The poems on each page can be read and interpreted separately or the book can be read as one whole story. It is an inspiring picture book and would be great for children of all ages!

Friends of a feather,

I say, endeavor and


Happy Reading!



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