Oh No! Little Miss Spider cannot find her mother!  😦

Luckily, Betty the Beetle offers to help Little Miss Spider look for her mother.

“Did she squeeze down a hole? Or Dive underwater? Why won’t she come out here, and meet her new daughter?”

While looking for her mother, Little Miss Spider gets tricked and almost becomes lunch for some hungry baby birds!

Just in nick of time, Betty the Beetle saves Little Miss Spider, and the story comes to a happy conclusion!

The combination of such colorful, artistic illustrations and fun rhymes makes this the perfect book for children. Kids will love to read this book out loud to their parents. The bright colors and facial expressions of the characters really bring the story to life. 

“Just right for preschoolers or beginning readers, this reassuring story, complete with a surprise ending, is a charmer.” -School Library Journal

I definitely recommend this book for all readers!

Happy reading everyone!

-Hilary Phillips

Oh No! Little M…


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