Way Out West with a Baby


What happens when three cowboys, Dan and Dom and Deke, find a lost baby during their way out west?

Dan, Dom, and Deke were just doing their job when late one night they heard a cry. Much to their surprise

“looking helpless, cold and small, was a little crying baby swaddled tightly in a shawl.”

These three cowboys realize they must “get him to his Mom and get him to her quick, ‘cause I’ve a kinda inkling that she might be worried sick.”

Join Dan, Dom and Deke as they set off on a journey through a storm in search of this little baby’s mom.

Will these cowboys be able to reunite him with his mother?

You’ll just have to join in the adventure to find out!

Children will LOVE this hilarious, rhyming story which is made even more exciting by the amazing illustrations of these goofy cowboys.

Way Out West with a Baby by Mike Brownlow will keep children of all ages laughing as the cowboys struggle to take care of this little, lost baby while in search of his mother.

Happy reading!

– Laurie

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