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If I Never Forever Endeavor


If I Never Forever Endeavor is a fabulous poetry book written by Holly Meade. 

It tells the story of a little bird who is scared to try out his new wings. With a little encouragement and some practice, he learns to fly and experiences life!


If in all of forever

I never endeavor

to fly, I won’t know if I can.

If I did endeavor, and found my wings clever,

I could see the world!

My nest is so nice

the nicest of nests.

Who needs to fly- ever?

I think I’ll forget

all about this “endeavor.”


I won’t know how it feels to

scallop the air

with a dip

and a glide.


This book has beautiful, patterned illustrations. The poems on each page can be read and interpreted separately or the book can be read as one whole story. It is an inspiring picture book and would be great for children of all ages!

Friends of a feather,

I say, endeavor and


Happy Reading!



Close Your Eyes


ImageClose Your Eyes is an incredible bedtime story written by Kate Banks and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben.  This is one of those stories that a parent would read to a child as he/she is tucked into bed and getting ready to go to sleep

The mother continuously says “Close your eyes, little tiger, and go to sleep.” The little tiger does not want to go to sleep for he is afraid and wants to continue to view the world, but his mother assures him that only his dreams await him and that she will be there when he awakes. 


One aspect of this story that really helps it stand out is the illustrations by Georg Hallensleben.  Although it is not specified in the text, it seems as if the illustrations were done using water colors.  While the illustrations are not necessarily life-like, they have their own individual feel which brings the story to life.  The emotions shown on the faces of the tigers, especially, make these illustrations original and unique.


This is a beautiful story and the way the mother calms down the baby tiger is truly touching.  I believe that this story must be reassuring to hear as a child who may be afraid of the dark or who may not want to go to sleep.  I would recommend it to any parent looking for a great bed time story. I hope you enjoy this story both now, and when you get the opportunity to read it to your children as they are dozing off,

Happy Reading,

Dan Prager

No Bears


Ella is writing a book, and one thing is for certain…there are NO BEARS in it!

“I’m tired of bears. Ever time you read a book, it’s just BEARS BEARS BEARS — horrible furry bears slurping honey in awful little caves. You don’t need BEARS for a book.”

After Ella explains what you do need for a book, pretty things, funny things, and maybe even a scary monster, she starts her story of a beautiful princess who has a fairy godmother and, you guessed it, NO BEARS.

There is even a monster in Ella’s story who wants to capture the princess so she will read him bedtime stories every night! How terrible! Who saves the princess from the monster? Well, you’ll have to read Ella’s story to find out!

Ella’s story contains references to classic fairytales that children will recognize and love to point out, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and the Three Little Pigs.

This exciting, layered picture book written by Meg McKinlay and illustrated by Leila Rudge will have children begging to read it over and over again!

Happy Reading!


For classroom ideas (primarily for kindergarten to third grade) click here!

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith


This wonderful Caldecott Award winning children’s book by Lane Smith is featured around gardener Grandpa Green. The book focuses on the lively history of Grandpa Green.

The book explores memories and family history in a very fun and entertaining way.

The art throughout the story in a phenomenal and extremely captivating.

As well, the idea of aging is introduced more vividly to children.

This is a must read for children of all ages.

Happy Reading!


The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister


The RAINBOW Fish is an INTERNATIONAL bestseller and MY all time favorite childhood book.


This story is about the “most beautiful fish in the sea” who will NOT share his SpArKlY sCaLeS with the other fish.


The RAINBOW fish is selfish.  Since he is arrogant and will not share, he loses the company of the other fish!  Then the RAINBOW fish is lonely.


He slowly gives away every SpArKlY sCaLe until he has ONE left.


Then the RAINBOW fish has friends again!  He realizes he doesn’t need SpArKlY sCaLeS to be happy – he just needs friends. 

This is a story that teaches children moralsThe RAINBOW Fish explains the importance of sharing, friendship, and happiness.


Resurfacing this book brought back so many memories for me, and I hope it does for you too!

~Lucy Rice

Great Book for a Rainy Day!


What do you love most about rainy days? The sound of the rain hitting the window? Puddles? Or maybe even colorful umbrellas? 🙂

When you pick up Yellow Umbrella, written by Jae Soo Liu, you get all three of those!  The children walking through the puddles in the illustrations, the colorful umbrellas that gradually fill the pages, and even the sound of the rain and piano completing the reading experience!


This wordless picture book may seem to offer a few colorful illustrations, but here are a few reasons you can not go wrong reading this book . . .

The Yellow Umbrella book allows children’s imagination to soar!  With out words readers’ can invent their own story each time they read the book.

From an educational standpoint it is a great book when learning to count.  With each turn of the page more umbrellas are added to the illustrations and children can count one consistent object.  This book could even be used for an art lesson too!

The MUSIC, created by Doong II Sheen, adds a component to the picture book that most others do not have, making it a one-of-a-kind read!  There are multiple songs and options, lasting over 6 minutes long for example, giving one the perfect excuse to slow down, relax, and on a rainy day, snuggle under some warm covers!

And, most of all the author conveys a powerful and important message to remember.  Jae Soo Liu said it best when she stated, “I realized that under their umbrellas, all those physical differences disappeared.    What remained in my mind was the visual image of the harmonized colors and movements of the umbrellas.  It seemed to me that these children were claiming that they were all equal in spit of their physical differences.”

This is just the book to start a rainy day tradition – Happy Reading!

Megan 🙂

The Runaway Bunny: By Margaret Wise Brown


“Shucks,” said the bunny, “I might just as well 
stay where I am and be your little bunny.”

This wonderful tale of a young bunny and his mother shows young children that no matter what they do, their mothers will always follow and love them.

This creative little bunny tries to think of as many ways to get away as possible, but for each his mother finds a way to get back to him.


The beautiful combinations of black and white sketches and colorful pictures will capture children’s attention and shows the contrast between the runaway bunny and his mother.


What will the bunny do in the end?

Will his mother be able to keep him around?

Read this endearing book by Margaret Wise Brown to find out.

Click the link below for a reading of The Runaway Bunny.

Enjoy! Kiara