and then it’s spring


and then it’s spring expresses the anticipation that comes with waiting for the long, brown winter to pass and for spring to arrive!


After a gloomy, brown winter day, a boy and his loyal dog decide to plant a garden in hopes that spring will come early.

They plant a small seed, water it, and wait…

and wait…

and wait…

and then its spring!

The writing is so simple and yet evocatively poetic. The text reads as if it is truly from a child’s perspective with lines such as“please don’t step here. there are seeds and they are trying” but adults will still resonate with the story’s general themes.

The illustrations capture all the emotions of the boy, his dog, and the other animals waiting for their world to come to life. While the story progresses from winter to spring the color palate and landscape slowly become brighter. Every time you read this book you discover new details and layers to both the illustrations and the text.

The small details that Erin Stead adds in her illustrations like the rabbit and turtle wadding through puddles and the birds eating out of their milk carton bird feeder add a whimsical element to the story.

This beautifully simple story helps teach children the virtue of patience and the importance of the cyclical nature of life. I would use this book in a classroom if we were planting a community or class garden or learning about seeds and germination.

This book is timely, as spring has just sprung Nashville!

Happy reading and happy spring!



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