The Very Clumsy Click Beetle


If your a fan of Eric Carle books, then read this book!

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle tells the story of a young click beetle learning to land on it’s feet.

After watching an older click beetle land on its feet, the young click beetle decides to try!Unfortunately, the young click beetle is not able to land on its feet. . . so it tries. . .  and tries. . .  and tries again.

Then one day a boy comes walking by while the young click beetle is on its back, scaring the young click beetle so much that it could not move!

I cant give away the ending so you will just have to read this book to find out if the young beetle survives!

Eric Carle’s unique style of illustration make this book an exciting and fun read for children. The text is big and bold on each page, making it easy for children to read.  The language is simple enough for young readers comprehend and be able to read themselves.  

I would highly recommend this book for young readers. It can be a great story to read before bed!

For those who are not convinced yet, watch this animated youtube video of the story!

Happy Reading!

Hilary Phillips


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  1. I absolutely love Eric Carle books! He’s an amazing author and the illustrations have captured my attention since I was a kid! I’ve never read this one, so I’ll have to put in on my list of books to read.

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