Pecan Pie Baby


“I’m so sick of that DING-DANG BABY!”

Pecan Pie Baby, written by Jacqueline Woodson and illustrated by Sophie Blackall is a beautiful picture book about a girl named Gia, a soon-to-be BIG SISTER.

All everyone talks about is the anticipation of the arrival of her new baby sibling…

Everyone EXCEPT Gia, that is.

“Some days I sat on my stoop thinking about all the years it had been just me and Mama

Craving nothing but attention from her mother, Gia feels alone and resentful…


Pecan Pie!

She and her unborn sibling bond over their mutual love of pecan pie.

This book is perfect for consoling a soon-to-be big sister or brother.

The illustrations give the characters personality –with distinct hairstyles, outfits, and smiles 🙂

“Mama knows just how to soothe Gia’s worries and show her that the future will be sweet



read away!



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  1. I agree that this would be a great novel for kids who are preparing to be older siblings. This novel seems like a great way to show children about conflict resolution. Rather than Gia staying upset, she finds common ground that her and her expectant sister can bond over. Food is always a great bonding tool! I am sure that kids will think so to.

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