The Dunderheads Behind Bars


Your favorite band of misfits is back with a whole new adventure.

Will their unusual, motley skills save the day once again, or will they end up in the slammer?

School’s out for the summer and they’re finally free of their horrible teacher Miss Breakbone….or so they thought!

Their favorite actress is shooting a film nearby and who should show up as an extra but their formidable former teacher!

When a burglary strikes the set, things get even worse and ANOTHER Breakbone enters the scene. Miss Breakbone steers her ogre of a brother Inspector Breakbone towards those meddling, good-for-nothing Dunderheads.

 When Spider ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, the inspector has all the evidence he needs to lock him up.

Can the group combines their talents to catch the real criminal before they join their friend behind bars?

Find out in this delightfully quirky sequel to Paul Fleischman’s The Dunderheads.

Happy Reading!


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