The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss


The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Suess


These are the Sneetches, some have StArS and some have not. The Sneetches with star bellies say that they are “the best Sneetches on the beaches.”


One day the plain belly Sneetches meet Sylvester McMonkey McBean, the “Fix-it-Up Chappie,” who can give them stars on their bellies, so they too can be THE BEST!


But the star bellied Sneetches, don’t like that they aren’t special, so with the same machine, they are able to take off their stars! Now it is the plain belly Sneetches who claim to be the best! In the confusion Sneetches are changing from star-bellies to plain-bellies until they realize that really, they are all just the same an important lesson for everyone, not just the Sneetches.

Next we are introduced to The Zax.

One is a North- Going Zax, and the other a South- Going Zax. Eventually they meet and each refuse to step aside for the other to pass- because they will, “Never Budge! Never budge in the least! Not an inch to the west! Not an inch to the east!”


So the world moved forward, and they never did. Who missed out? The Zax certainly did!


Too Many Daves


Mrs. McCave has 23 sons all named Dave!  When she calls them in, and as they rush in past her, she wishes she had named them all something else- Bodkin Van Horn, Hoos- Foos, even Oliver Boliver Butt! It is on that one fateful day that Mrs. McCave realizes that anything is better than 23 Daves!

What was I Scared of?


When traveling deep within the woods, our nameless main character runs into the strangest thing- a pair of pale green pants with NOBODY inside them! And to top it all off- THEY MOVED!!!!!!


Ever since that dark, dark night, he runs into these pants EvErYwHeRe! When he is in Grin- itch looking for spinach, in Roover River looking for Doubt- trout. He is sooooo scared; he even hides in a Brickel Bush all night! But let’s face it- if a pair of pale green pants with nobody inside them moved towards you- you’d be awfully scared too!


On one last errand, our main character fearfully watches for the pale green pants with nobody inside them while he picks a peck of Snide. Who shows up near the Snide Bush? The Pale Green Pants with Nobody inside! It’s then that he finds that the pants with nobody inside are just as afraid as he is. So now he knows that they aren’t so different and now when they meet they both smile and say “Hi.”


All of these stories really hone in on the subject of what makes us different, and also what makes us the same. This is a great book for discussing diversity with a group of young students because underneath our stars on our bellies and our similar names- we really are all the same.

If you’re interested in purchasing “The Sneetches and Other Stories” here is a link to make your shopping trip easier!

Happy Reading!

-Jaclyn and Courtney

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