Old Bear


From the famed author of Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse comes the endearing and colorful tale of Old Bear.This book, written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, has won numerous awards, including the honor of being a New York Times Bestseller. Old Bear is lost in his dreams during his winter hibernation. As he sleeps, he sees himself as a cub romping his way through the seasons. Each season brings a touch of fantasy and appears with a distinct color: purple, green, red, blue. When he awakens from his extended sleep, he finds the world even more magically colorful than he could have dreamed!

The illustrations within this book are bold and captivating, bringing each scene to life. They are sure to catch the eyes of children of all ages, even though Old Bear is directed toward a younger audience. Perfect for the classroom or for the home, the powerful illustrations and beautiful dream inspire creativity and could influence many art activities pertaining to colors or seasons. It would be just as touching read aloud or by a child on his or her own.

According to Booklist, as seen on Henkes’s website, Old Bear is:

“Another picture book celebration of simple, pure joy. As in so many of Henkes’s books, nothing is superfluous. Every word, line, color choice, and composition feels essential and fits beautifully into a common theme.”

Short and sweet, Old Bear will surely brighten the days of both adults and children during any season!

Happy Reading,
Madison and Grace

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