10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert


We have so many different types of children’s literature being published, but Marcus Ewert adds his own flavor to the mix with his refreshing tale: 10,000 Dresses. Aimed at children, this tale follows Bailey, a young boy who dreams of different types of dresses every night. Faced with family members who don’t understand his situation and just dismiss him, the readers are shown the struggles transgendered children may go through in their lifetime. However, as Bailey searches for answers, he comes across an older girl who shares the interest of dresses, and encourages him to pursue what he loves, despite what others may think or say. Bailey finally finds peace in this world, where he can do what he loves to do and follow his own dreams, rather than the traditional paths that may already be carved out.

The graphic illustrations are also different than most children’s books, incorporating beautiful colors and text that is easy to read and appealing to the eyes. The specific words that the author uses also can be a great source of discussion!

This book is a true testament to how young children can be feeling certain ways that may be “unconventional”, but can always bounce back and never feel as though they need to fit a cookie cutter mold, regardless of who tells them so. Inspiring, funky, heartwarming and fun, 10,000 Dresses is a must-read and must-have in classrooms!


-Miyuki Sekimitsu


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