Fishing in the Air by Sharon Creech & Illustrated by Chris Raschka


Fishing in the Air is a beautifully spun tale of that ever-treasured right of passage for many little boys and girls.  This story is about a boy experiencing the joy of learning to fish with his father.  Creech shines light on the magic this adventure can hold for a child.  Her words evoke powerful imagery that is then brought to life by Raschka.  This book would be great to read to elementary students of any age who are working on learning similes or figures of speech.  The illustrations bring the many similes to life, helping to deepen the reader’s understanding.  It could also serve as inspiration for young writers looking for ways to bring greater detail and imagery to their stories. 



Readers of this book will want to spend a great deal of time just with the illustrations.  They are vibrant watercolors containing incredible detail.  They bring a sense of motion and whimsy to the book, adding to Creech’s ethereal description of this typical experience shared between a father and a son.  This book will enthrall both children and adults.  Kids will be taken with the language, illustrations, and story.  For adults, it will evoke a sense of nostalgia and send you cruising down memory lane to some sweet memory with an adult you revered.


Enjoy this lovely story.

-Hallie Paul & Nupur Singh


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