Big Al by Andrew Clements & Illustrated by Yoshi


From the imaginative minds of Andrew Clements and Yoshi comes the book Big Al, the story of a very big and very scary-looking fish named, of course, Big Al.  All Big Al wants is a friend, but all the other fish are too scared of him!

“He did not really blame the other fish.  How could he expect little fish to trust a great big fish with eyes and skin and TEETH like his?”

He tries everything to blend in – such as covering himself with seaweed – but nothing works!  One day, Big Al is swimming along and notices a bunch of little fish struggling to be set free from a net.  He saves them, and the little fish realize that Big Al is indeed the nicest fish in the sea!

“When the little fish were able to speak again, all they talked about was the huge, wonderful fish that had saved them.”

This book shows children that they shouldn’t judge people based on what they look like.  Even if they look scary, they might actually be the nicest person in the world!  This book would be good for children ages four and up, and would make a good addition to any collection!  Children will love the colorful pictures as well!  It’s definitely a book we recommend!

Reviewed by Bianca Novo & Abbey Stephens

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