Farmer Brown Goes Round and Round


The work day is ending as Farmer Brown finishes all of his chores. All of the farm animals are as happy as they can be as they talk to one another. The cat is purring, doves are coo’ing, and the cows are mooing…

But then, Farmer Brown hears rumbling in the distance…

Thunder beings drumming, and lightening is flashing! A twister is headed his way…

All of the animals are thrown into the sky.

Then, out of nowhere the wind stops! But there is one big problem…

Farmer Brown’s animals are making the wrong noises. The cow is oinking, the cat is cooing, the goats are meowing, and so on. Farmer Brown tries to scream and instead he cock-a-doodle-doo’s! The rooster tells him what to do. So, Farmer Brown follows his instructions, and another tornado hits the farm. Once the storm halts, the animals sounds’ come back to normal. Finally, Farmer Brown can talk again!

Teri Sloat’s book is a fun and easy read-aloud for students in lower grades. He uses the effect of a tornado to change things up on the  farm. Farmer Brown’s farm drastically shifts from a happy, stable environment to a chaotic and mind-boggling situation! This book will for sure entertain those students with wandering imaginations. Nadine Bernard Westcott’s illustrations grab the reader’s attention and make the story even more lighthearted and witty as the animals are pictured tousled up in the air. Overall, Sloat’s picture book is a fun and engaging book for students that love to laugh and have fun.


Reading Rocks! -Elizabeth Belk


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