Dancing with the Indians by Angela Shelf Medearis, Illustrated by Samuel Byrd


Dancing with the Indians tells the story of an African-American family who travels to join the narrator’s grandfather living with the Seminole Indians.

There they take part in the Rainbow Dance and listen to the songs of ancient battles.

Shimmering satin ribbons

float from head to toe,

shining human rainbows

in the firelight’s glow


Soon the Rainbow Dance

comes to a colorful end.

Clapping and whistles are heard

by women, children, men.


The family joins in the Indian Stomp Dance until the break of day. They dance in the early morning sun until it is time to go…


Our dance is over  now,

but only for the night.

Papa says we’re coming back

to dance by the firelight.



This book has beautiful illustrations and draws the reader in with bright colors that display the action and fervor of the dance wonderfully. A great book for introducing Native American culture and is inspired by the author’s own history! It is superbly illustrated and the rhythm of the words mimics the storyline excellently. Don’t miss a chance to experience the Rainbow Dance for yourself!


Happy Reading!!



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