Library Mouse: A World to Explore by Daniel Kirk


Library Mouse: A World to Explore is a precious story about two mice, Sam and Sarah, living in the children’s room of a library. Sarah is a daring “adventurer” and Sam loves to read books and even does some writing of his own!

They meet unexpectedly under a children’s display called “Our Great Big World,” when Sarah slides down a model of an Egyptian Pyramid and parachutes down to the floor, bumping into Sam, who has been admiring the display safely below.

Sam was shocked and having never met a mouse “quite like” Sarah, asked her what she had been doing at the top of the display. Sarah explained that she had thought it was a playground and was surprised to learn that what she had mistaken for a slide was a Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Sam shares with Sarah the history and culture of Egypt through books that he has read and together they learn even more! Sam shows Sarah the joy of “research” and how to explore the world through books rather than through travel.

But Sarah, always the adventurer wants to go back to the top of the display and pushes Sam out of his comfort zone. After doing some research on how to rock climb, they successfully make it to the top. Sam pretends that he wasn’t frightened, but he was the whole time!

Then Sarah sees a display of a plane, and of course, wants to try to fly it. Nervous about getting into the plane, Sam tries to dissuade her, explaining that it is a model and can’t actually fly. Sarah, however, still wants to get in, and not wanting to seem frightened, Sam agrees and takes the leap!

“Readers and writers are travelers, too,” he says and begins to write a story about his world travels with Sarah.

This story is about both learning through reading and learning through trying. Sam was scared to take that jump with Sarah to get into the plane, but it was undeniably a wonderful experience he could not have gotten through books. At the same time, Sarah discovered how she could be an adventurer through books. It would be wonderful for anyone who identifies with Sarah and learns best through doing, as well as those like Sam, who are often too frightened to explore the physical world.

Curious? Interested in purchasing Library Mouse: A World to Explore? Here is a link to make your shopping trip a little easier:

Happy Reading!!



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