The Snowy Day


The Snowy Day, Ezra Jack Keats’ 1963 Caldecott winner, is full of the wonder of being a kid.

Peter wakes up to a snowy day and has an adventurous day in store. He puts on his cute red snowsuit and explores his snow covered neighborhood. He does everything a kid in the snow would want to do: make footprints, hit a snow-covered tree with a stick, long to snowball fight with the older boys, make a snowman and snow angels, climb up and slide down hills of snow, and finally, preserve the day with a snowball in his pocket.

To add to the wonder of the snow day, it is written almost from the mind of a child as it accounts Peter’s adventures step by step. The illustrations are a very interesting and beautiful style of paper collage which earned Keats the Caldecott. Keats also uses illustrations to help tell the story in a very fun way.




The book jacket says it is intended for ages 2-6, but it is a great book fitting for anyone who loves the wonder of childhood, especially on snowy days.


Reviewed by: Olivia Calandro


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