A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon


A Bad Case of Stripes is a good book for helping children to realize that it is always best to be themselves and enjoy what they like despite what other people think, even if this book does take the results of trying to fit in to the extreme. Children will love the colorful pictures and craziness of ways in which Camilla’s appearance changes with only the slightest suggestion. While the changes that occur may seem far-fetched, it is fun to think that a person’s appearance could change in such ways.

A Bad Case of Stripes is a story about a girl names Camilla Cream who was always worried about what other people thought about her. She loved lima beans but never ate them because her friends did not like them and she wanted to fit in. On the first day of school, Camilla was deciding what to wear when she realized that she was completely covered in stripes. Doctors, specialists, and experts came and visited Camilla but none of them were able to discover what was causing the bad case of stripes. With each new suggestion of what may be wrong, Camilla’s skin/appearance continued to change. One day an old woman came by to help and determined that the bad case of stripes could be cured by having Camilla eat some lima beans. At first Camilla refused because she still wanted to fit in but as the old woman was getting ready to leave, Camilla realized that being laughed at for eating lima beans was nothing in comparison to what she had been going through, so she ate the lima beans and turned back into a normal girl. After that day, Camilla ate as many lima beans as she wanted and did not care what the other kids thought.

Camilla eating lima beans given to her by the old woman to get rid of her bad case of stripes

Camilla after taking the pills from the doctors

This story would be appropriate for parents or teachers to read to their children if their children are struggling with caring about what others think or just for an enjoyable read of Camilla’s adventures with a bad case of stripes.







Reviewed by Bryanna


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