Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton



A book not yet released, how exciting!

Make Magic Do Good is a collection of poems from an author who has gained some recent popularity, Dallas Clayton. His previous books have been the Awesome Book series, and this is his first published poetry collection for kids. I’m going to give you a sneak peak because this book won’t be on shelves for another month 🙂


(The text is unreadable, I know, but at least you can see the pictures!)

The book is full of playful poetry and cute illustrations that will surely capture a child’s attention. The advance reading copy’s pictures are not yet in color, but the final product is sure to be a delight to the eye (as are these sample pages from Amazon). The poems range from the whimsical “A Blue Apple” to the sweet “Love Song” to the serious “Life in a Cave.” “Try” is a short poem about trying, even if you fail, “Xavier Xing Xu” is about the unappreciated letter X, and “Colors” imagines a world where one store sells all the colors imaginable and the rest only sell gray.


Poems like “Real Live Dragon” will be a favorite with the younger set, who can enjoy the shorter poems and the rhyming cadence. A word of warning however, as many of the poems have implicit morals that young children will probably not understand, such as “live like there’s no tomorrow” and “change your perspective.” They can still enjoy the wordplay and fun illustrations, but wait until children are older to discuss the deeper meaning behind these poems. The good thing about that is that this book can be read by children both young and older!

I’ll leave you with the poem printed on the back cover of the book:

I wrote this book to remind you that you’re magic.

You reading this.

You right now.

You here and you there.

You’re something special,

and I hope

that someday

you get a chance

to make your own book

or paint your own picture

or build your own rocket ship

or find you own kind of happiness

and that you get a chance

to share it with the rest of us

just like I got this chance

to share my happiness

with you.

Oh yes, and the book is released November 13th!

You can preorder a copy on Amazon here.


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  1. Hi Tamara,

    I work at a children’s digital book publishing company called Storypanda. We just worked with Dallas Clayton to publish a new book of his on the iPad. The book is about a dinosaur who dreams his birthday party is on the moon! Dallas’ voice is included reading the story aloud for this heartwarming bedtime story. I’d love to show you the book and have you review it when it comes out tomorrow. Please feel free to get in touch via email.


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