The beauty of Cinderella: A Three Dimensional Fairy-Tale Theater lies in the format and illustrations of the book. This is a new gem to add to the bookshelf, as it was first published October 4, 2012. This is Jane Ray’s second publication of this sort, with her first being a three-dimensional theater of Snow White. We can only hope she is to bring more theatrical fairy tales to us in the coming years.

I love how the story comes to life with three layers of art in each of six intricate scenes. The story literally unfolds as you pull open the side curtains of the stage to find the classic tale written briefly but elegantly on the sides. Each scene has a hidden background illustration, with details that one has to really search to find, a central layer with the main action and characters of the story coming to life, and a piece in front that represents the stage and a fixture of some kind to hold it all together. These scenes are delicate, but beautiful and help capture the feeling of being in the audience of a real theater production.
I would recommend that this book be handled with the greatest of care, as many parts of the page are very intricate and could easily rip despite the fact that the paper is quite solid and thick. Also, the book doesn’t ever open completely, so if a child or even an adult were to try to use force to open it, there could easily be damage. This book is, however, to be appreciated and admired by boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, of every age because it takes a classic fairy tale to a whole different dimension (literally).
Happy Reading!
Madison Glasgow =)

Cinderella by Jane Ray


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