Brigid loves to draw, but she quickly tires of her drawing materials. One day she asks her mother for some markers, but her mother knows better. She tells Brigid that children draw on the walls and the floor and that it never comes out. But Brigid tells her mom about the new washable markers that come out with soap and water, so Brigid’s mom buys her 500 washable markers. After a week of drawing lovely pictures that look better than the things she has drawn in real life, Brigid decides she needs new markers- special smelly markers. Since Brigid proved to her mom that she would not draw on the walls or the floor, Brigid’s mom agrees and buys her 500 special smelly markers. Again, Brigid tires of the markers after a week. This time Brigid asks her mother for “super indelible never come off until your dead and maybe even later coloring markers.” When Brigid gets her markers she draws pictures that are more beautiful and colorful than the real things she draws.


But of course, Brigid gets tired of coloring again, but this time she is tired with paper. Since she knows she can’t draw on the walls, Brigid decides to color her finger nails. Her fingernails look so good she draws on her hands and before she knows it she has colored her entire body. When Brigid’s mother finds out she calls the doctor who gives her some special soap. Brigid takes a bath with the special soap, but the soap takes off all her color and leaves her invisible. Brigid’s mother freaks out and thinks Brigid’s life is ruined because you can’t go through life being invisible. Brigid however is quick on her feet and colors herself with a skin colored marker, which she already tested on her father.

ImagePurple, Green, and Yellow is a fun book with a silly little girl that loves to draw. It can serve as a great way to teach young children about what materials are appropriate to draw on and with, and what could happen if you decide to start drawing on yourself! This book is sure to be a favorite as children discover whether or not Brigid will stay colored with markers forever!

-Megan Wongkamalasai

Purple, Green, and Yellow by Robert Munsch

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