That’s Not My Dad! by Peter Bently, Illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello


“That’s Not My Dad!” is a humorous little tale about a young polar bear named Patty searching for her father. The day begins on the top of a hill, when they decide to “slide down for a thrill,” but dad goes first and has suddenly gone right out of sight. Through the books rhyming patterns, each spread includes a fold-out flap in order to get closer to solving the mystery of finding Patty the polar bear’s dad.  Along her journey, Patty asks the puffin who “spying whiskers and snout” believes he has found the daddy polar bear. But indeed, it turns out to be a wobbly walrus!

The walrus then leads her to the seal, who leads her to the whale, who leads her to the fox, who leads to her to the hare, who finally leads her to a snow polar bear sculpture her father made her to lead her to the den. At each step of the way, Patty and the other animals think they have found something that looks like her dad, “a shape that was furry and white,” or a “big deep voice humming a song.” The story is a comical one as Patty continues to get closer along the path to finding her father, and in the end they are now “cozy and warm in their underground den.” The flaps are sure to delight children as they help Patty be detectives to this mystery and the illustrations are quite beautiful with soft strokes and a cool palate to represent this winter scene.

A delightfully fun book for young readers!

The collaborative duo Peter Bently and John Bendall-Brunello also have other fun mysteries in this collection such as: “That’s Not My Mom!,” “That’s Not My Brother!,” and “That’s Not My Sister!”

To find these books and more, please visit Peter Bently’s Amazon store at:

Review by: Bianca Novo

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