Pumpkin Trouble by Jan Thomas






In the spirit of Halloween, our friend Duck prepares for the most delightful of fall activities: pumpkin carving!



“This will be GREAT!” he says to himself. He thinks his jack-o-lantern will be a wonderful surprise for his dear friends Pig and Mouse. They’re in for a surprise, no doubt, but perhaps not the one Duck intended…




Duck scoops and scoops the seeds from within his giant pumpkin, but as he reaches for the very last scoop, he falls headfirst inside the pumpkin! He wiggles and wobbles and calls for help, finally turning himself upright. However, Duck is still trapped inside the pumpkin, now looking like a walking, talking…

PUMPKIN MONSTER!!” cry his friends Pig and Mouse, running from the Halloween spook that suddenly begins to chase them. Stuck inside the pumpkin, Duck tries to follow their lead to escape the frightening Pumpkin Monster that he cannot see. Mouse shouts to Pig to hide behind the barn. Duck hears Mouse, but cannot see the barn to hide with them!

He tries to run for shelter, but–SMASH! Duck crashes into the side of the barn, exploding his pumpkin shell. His friends peek around the corner of the barn to find Duck sitting there. Shocked to see him there, they begin to celebrate because he has defeated the terrible Pumpkin Monster! Oblivious to his victory, Duck decides that he must make a jack-o-lantern to celebrate!

Pig and Mouse admire Duck’s celebratory jack-o-lantern, but they wonder where he could have gone… As the reader could very well guess, silly Duck is once again trapped inside his pumpkin project.

Jan Thomas’s Halloween tale is especially enjoyable because the reader is always one step ahead of the characters, able to predict just what our three goofy friends will overlook! Young readers especially will love to read along as Duck tries and fails at a favorite fall pastime. The short and silly story is told only through the mouths of the three characters, with the narrative told directly by Thomas’s bold illustrations, making it almost a comic strip of slapstick humor. The bold images in this picture book will captivate all audiences, young and old.

Perfect for the fall season, Pumpkin Trouble will surely bring warmth and laughter to adults and children alike.

Happy Reading!



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