Poetry Wednesday


Happy Poetry Wednesday y’all!

Yesterday I discovered the book, My Dog May Be a Genuis, written by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by James Stevenson. This is a wonderfully witty collection of 100+ poems that will get children excited about poetry! This book features irresistible poems about animals, family members, never before seen creatures and more! The poems can be read to children of all ages.


Stevenson’s cartoon illustrations enhance Prelutsky’s humorous work, engaging and drawing the reader into the poems. How can you not love these?

Image ImagePrelutsky is a well-known author of “outrageously silly poems.” Prelutsky isn’t afraid to play around with words. His poems feature alliterations, rhyme, rhythm as well as the use of figurative language. This book could serve as a great educational tool for teaching poetry. I believe that his inventive poems should be celebrated in the classroom! Some of his other famous works are The Wizard, Scranimals, & The New Kids on the Block.



 For more information on My Dog May Be a Genuis, and/or Jack Prelutsky, check out his fantastically funny website: http://www.jackprelutsky.com/


Happy reading,

Anna Tobia


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