If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…..Oldie but Goody!


Patience is Key!

Recently, I came across the well-known storybook, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. It had been a long time since I’d read it and I remember enjoying it as a child, but I couldn’t remember exactly why. As I read the book, I became excited all over again and then it became clear I was excited because it reminded of all the questions and activities I got into as a child. This book chronicles the requests of a young mouse throughout a day, beginning with asking for a cookie. The story seems like a never ending saga of “If this…and if that…”but it brilliantly mimics the way that young children are constantly active and the ferocious rate at which they request things! From an adult’s perspective, reading this book was a helpful reminder that patience is key! Children will always ask thousands of questions and it’s our duty to be patient and attend to their needs so that we can educate our youth. This book has the ability to entertain young readers and gently remind parents and teachers about patience at the same time. I’m glad I re-read this text and I hope others find the time to re-read it as well!



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