Giant Steps to Change the World


Giant Steps to Change the World by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee is a motivational book that speaks to young readers in an inspiring way.

Cover to cover, this book aims to help young readers find a path and follow their dreams. Spike and Tonya Lee have gathered quotes from over 20 world leaders and filled the book’s flaps with short bursts of inspiration. Subtly referencing the achievements and challenges of world leaders, including: “the poet who wrote of the pain and beauty of neighborhoods forgotten” and “the scientist who had a hard time learning to read, but whose theories became the basis for most of modern science,” this book offers a simple yet meaningful message. Adults and children will love reading this book, guessing who the text is talking about, and following the authors’ message: you are going to face challenges in life. We all do; but, you have to take the steps to overcome those challenges and follow your dreams. What’s your next step going to be? 

– Mary Frances

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